Please use the links below to access a range of tree climbing documents which into trees has been involved in creating.  These documents are available through the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation, which has a range of similar information for download.  Please visit their site.

Working the Angles

Revised PDF of simple force vector applications in tree climbing and rigging.  Related to topics briefly raised at Arborcamp 2010, then covered in more detail in Advanced Tree Climbing Workshop I.   Any questions or comments please contact Joe Harris of Into Trees on 0400 420079;  Revised 24.07.10.

Introduction to Redirects

PDF of redirect use, featuring fairly comprehensive list of basic, complex and obsolete artificial redirects.  Details on The Redirect Challenge.  A handout for VTIO Advanced Tree Climbing Workshop I.  Any questions or comments please contact either Grant Cody of TreeSpec ( or Joe Harris (contact details above).  Revised 22.07.10.

Single Rope Technique

A primer in the basics of SRT, featuring a guide to a variety of systems.  A PDF handout for VTIO Advanced Tree Climbing Workshop I, which includes a revised section on ‘Working with SRT’ and some tips for clever access line use.  For more information, or if you know a good system that ought to be included in this document, please contact Joe Harris of Into Trees ( Revised 25.07.10.

VTIO Draft Climbing Guidelines

Draft copy of the proposed Victorian Tree Industry Organisation Tree Climbing Guidelines.  These are published online to solicit comment from interested parties, with the intention of creating a document which defines and represents as accurately as possible what we as tree workers in Victoria think of as best practice in tree climbing.  If you wish to contribute or think the guidelines can be improved, please use the comment form on the VTIO guidelines page.