into trees is a tree climbing and arboricultural company, started in 2010 by 2-time Australian tree climbing champion and world tree climbing silver medalist Joe Harris.  We offer a range of tree work and tree climbing training, as well as providing top-level contract climbers to arboricultural companies throughout Australia and internationally: we aim to be the best at what we do.

into trees specialises in tree pruning and tree care, working with dedicated professional arborists who will care about your tree as much as you do.  This website gives some details about the company, along with photos, calendars and downloads, plus an ongoing blog of what’s going on with the company, the industry and the world at large.

Over the last few years, into trees climbers have worked in every state of Australia, climbed some of the world’s largest, tallest and most significant trees, and been involved in tree climbing projects as far afield as North America and Europe.

Please take a look around the website, where we have showcased some of the unusual projects and climbing that into trees has been involved with over the last few years.

If you wish to contact Joe or to organise a quote, please email joe@intotrees.com or phone 0400420079