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Kinglake National Park

Pictures and video of work done with The Tree Works in Kinglake National Park after the catastrophic bushfires of Feb 2009.


Mountain ash removal

65m mountain ash removal in Olinda. 



Tree Trek I

Over the Christmas holidays at the end of 2009, Joe Harris and French climber Jeremie Thomas set off on a road trip up the eastern coast.  The aim was to visit as many outstanding trees or significant forests as possible within a three week period, and to camp in trees every night.

Wallaby Creek

Working for The Tree Works with a team of American scientists and canopy access specialists to sample five of the tallest trees on mainland Australia, collecting timber samples at specific heights in each tree.  We collected the highest twigs out of each tree, and then took samples at 5m intervals down the main stems.


Training in a large red gum near the centre of Melbourne.