The tree-climbing rangers of Savé

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Trust your instincts

The image above shows a cross-section of timber taken approximately 15m below the highest rigging point in a Eucalyptus globulus that into trees climbers recently dismantled. The tree ‘felt wrong’ and the plan was adjusted: smaller pieces and as much cut-and-drop as possible.

Having a look at the timber when the job was finished showed that you need to trust your instincts. The heartwood was powder that you could crumble in your hand. The image on the right shows the decay marked in purple to make the extent easier to see.

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Top-down tree work

It might be hard to see from the image (taken with a phone camera) but the crew here are pruning and removing trees by climbing off a 200m wire cable on an aerial zipline course.

Have to say it’s the easiest way into the trees I’ve yet found…

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Vermeer ArborSeries 2019

Back on the road again, with the annual Vermeer Arbor Seminar Series. The topic of this year’s Arbor Series is SRT: Stationary Rope Technique.

The seminars are taking place in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, throughout August. I’ll be joined by guest presenters Henk Morgans, Rebecca Barnes, Sam Hardingham and William Mittins.

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