When they need a 34m Red Gum in Sydney…

We posted about it previously, but the job description was:

  1. Find massive, 34m high red gum (Euc. camaldulensis) that was scheduled for removal due to a road-widening project near Bendigo in Victoria
  2. Cut it in half vertically, reduce it to two sections (still over 30ton/section), and crane lift it onto two trucks
  3. Transport it (on two low-loaders w/ 6 car escort) from Bendigo to Sydney.  This involved closing a section of the Melbourne ring road, and blocking one side of the busiest interstate freeway in the country
  4. Re-assemble the two halves to incredibly tight margins of error within an already constructed 6 storey high climbing frame
  5. When complete, the whole tree had to be free-standing and self-supporting

ENSPEC were project managers for the whole job, and the climbing, cutting and rigging (and even some of the engineering!) was done by Joe Harris of into trees and Juri Megarrity of Aspect Tree Management.  The tree now stands within 3 seperate levels of high-ropes challenges at SkyPeak Adventures in Parramatta.


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Apologies for the (relative) quiet on here recently – but into trees has been very active.  This year we’re involved in tree climbing workshops on four continents…

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SHERRILLtree ArborFest series 2017

Joe Harris presenting at ArborFest 2016

Heading back Stateside to take part in the SHERRILLtree ArborFest series again this year – they have 3 events scheduled for 2017, in NC, CT and CA.  Check out the ArborFest site for more details… we had a great time last year and met a lot of awesome climbers at a really well-organised and relaxed event.  It sounds like it’s going to another level this year – see you in NC!


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