World Arborcamp

What do you get when you take hundreds of climbers and arborists and let them run wild across a great collection of trees?  No, it’s not the start of a bad joke: World Arborcamp was held from Thu 28 to Sat 30 August, and it was a runaway success.  Airhockey tables and slacklines spread through the canopy, whilst cafes, trade stalls and a range of workshops covered the ground below.

One highlight of the weekend was the first tree removal competition, which came down to a close finish between The Kiwi Dream Team and The West-Australian Allstars.  The Dream Team were operating on kiwi time and didn’t get round to grinding the stump; nevertheless their care and professionalism kept them just ahead on points. 

Also on offer were rigging demos by the VTIO, a range of climbing and rescue workshops by the Treemagineers and a presentation on some seriously large and impressive tree work by Graeme McMahoninto trees’ Joe Harris contributed a short workshop on vector forces.

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