ATRAES MicroFrog SRT System

The ATRAES MicroFrog SRT System is a complete ‘Single Rope System in a bag’ – just add harness and rope!  It was originally designed in collaboration between Scott Sharpe and Joe Harris, and is available through the ATRAES website.  The system is designed to be light, easy to install and remove from the line, and to pack away as small as possible so that it can be carried on the harness for the rest of the climb, and used to return up the access line when necessary.  For more SRT tips and tricks, and a comparison between this system and many other types of SRT setups, please check out the guide to SRT on the VTIO website.

The video below is the first chapter in what we hope will be a full video guide to using this SRT system.  Filmed by Angus McMahon and Veronika Ericsson, and produced by Angus McMahon.  Check out for more of Angus’ videos.

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